What we believe:


1.Horses are good for people.

2.People need to be outside.

3.People need community.

4.Horsemanship can be fine art.


What we do:


1.We provide Motivation, Encouragement and Support to ALL horselovers. We realize that everyone has their own story and their own background and are entitled to their own evolution.

2.We create rich, exciting, compelling, fun and friendly experiences for horselovers.

3.We promote The Fine Art of Horsemanship by our living example  of dedicated study and practice proving our belief via action and results.


Where are we?


The Independence Campus is at 8830 Stapleton Rd in Indepencence Oregon.

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Who are we? What is the backstory?


Kip and Emma have been together since they were teenagers and are dedicated to the Horsemanship Lifestyle.


Emma Kline has been a real estate agent for 12 years and is absolutely horse crazy obsessed. She studies every 6 weeks or so with Buck Brannaman and is developing 5-7 horses at any given time. Her goal is to learn as much as she can about being a horseman herself and is passionate to share what she learns with others along the way.


Kip Kline is a Controls Engineer implementing green energy solutions and a super golf enthusiast. He's the champion of the everyday horseman working hard and enjoying horses as an enriching part of a full life. Kip especially loves to encourage others.


Kip and Emma started Northwood Farms when they moved to Sheridan Oregon in 2003. Northwood has now much more than a place and has become a symbol of motivation, support, encouragement and comraderie among horselovers.


Beth Weaver and Emma have been best friends for ages. Their shared horsemanship journey is how the Twelve Week Horsemanship Challenge was born. In addition to her personal horsemanship studies (ask her sometime about her horse crazy since birth stories), Beth has been managing equestrian facilities for over 20 years in several states including Arizona, California and Oregon. She is now a full partner at Northwood Farms and the Queen of Customer Care at the Northwood Campus in Independence.


Colleen Gardner is the owner of the Independence Campus and the current public host of Northwood Farms. A horse lover since birth and a local business owner, she has been a sponsor of the Bridle Horse project for many years now and co owns several horses with Kip and Emma. Colleen's generosity and belief is absolutely the driving force that brought The Campus to a reality. She lives onsite as the property owner with her personal horses and dog Hunter and is always ready to play ponies with the gang and champion new projects. (She's also an amazing host so look for special invites!)


YOU. Our community of fellow horselovers is really the best part of this all.


Connect with us online and come visit us in real life!


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