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The Northwood Farms Challenges have definitely challenged me to step up my efforts to make time for my horse. It is a fun, supportive, community! -Jennifer Maxwell


I spend time with my horse because he is a huge part of my happiness. I don't need a challenge for encouragement to see my horse. I love the challenge because it allows me to hear from others who love their horses. I don't need to defend my position on training or listen to endless opinions on what is right or what is wrong. Nope..... I can simply enjoy hearing how others intact with their horses. I love it. Now, if only I can figure out which challenge is which and how to easily keep track. - Gwenn Brennan


The challenges make me appreciate the things that come easily to my horse partnership and recognize the other amazing things I have yet to try. I especially enjoy reading the posts from all over and learning what challenges everyone else. (Often the weather)

-Christy Franson


"I love the challenges that Northwood Farms puts on. There is so much encouragement and support and from such a diverse range of the online equestrian community.

Sharing our experiences, either triumphs or trials, gives us more motivation to keep on our horse life journeys and exposes us to more ideas and "tools" for our toolbox." -Lisa Katsiris


"To Emma, Kip, Beth, and all the challengers!!! You are all so awesome! Total rock stars!!! Motivation, support, encouragement, community, lifestyle. That really does sum up the challenges! I think Motivation and Community has been the most important to me. Oregon's Willamette Valley weather can really ruin your motivation in the winter. Dark, wet and cold! And in my area, we get a lot of fog too! And some wind! That first 12 week challenge was rough!!! But, it really kept me going, and I haven't stopped since. I feel like it gave me a whole new level of commitment, drive and perseverance. Getting to know other horse lovers around the world (literally around the world) has been amazing!!! And to see what they are doing, and where, and under what kind of conditions, has been so much fun! What a great way to bring people together, who otherwise may never meet!" -Lisa Overhuel



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