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"I was very encouraged by the Northwood Farms Challenges. They motivated me to intentionally spend more time with my chosen horse. I truly enjoyed reading the posts and watching the video clips. The variety of locations, scenery and horse and rider partnerships is very interesting and fun. It's a positive atmosphere and that's the best!!!  -Michelle Ross Rasmussen


"The Northwood Farms horsemanship challenge not only has given me focus and motivation but I have found so much love and support in some of the toughest points in my life. It has been crazy roller coaster of a ride with my horses, this community has helped me to stay strong and push through to find the rainbow on the other side. I love getting to watch everyone else's progress throughout the challenge as well. It has been become a highlight of the winter." -Nic Dukes


"I have participated in a few Northwood Farms challenges with my mare Breezy. Riding by moonlight and the stars where things I had never done - it was magical. The support, encouragement and motivation of the others in the challenges made it fun even when the weather was challenging. Reading about everyone's journey was inspiring and I have learned a great deal. Thank you Emma, Kip and Beth for including me." -Jen Wiskow


"The challenges Northwood sponsors do more than motivate me to do something with my horse. The connection to other horse lovers I never would have found is inspiring and keeps the motivation going. The community recognizes we are all here in the best interests of our horses and while we may not all practice the same methods (for lack of a better word), we respect and encourage each other in our individual pursuits. One of the unspoken rules is encouragement of each other, no judgment. It's refreshing when so many times you find groups of people judging others preferences. None of that here, just encouragement to enhance your chosen tehchniques and your personal horsemanship. I cannot express how proud I am of the young woman I once knew in her early 4H days and her commitment to others and to horses all these years later."- Suzi Parr



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