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1 Horse - 40 Hours - 30 Rides -12 Weeks


At the beginning of each year we invite everyone to join us in a twelve week commitment to improving our horsemanship. We choose 1 special horse and put in 40 horsemanship hours and 30 rides in 12 weeks.


We all join together on a special facebook page to share pictures and videos to share motivation encouragement and support to others in the cold darkness of winter. By spring we're all bonded and connected and our horsemanship has improved by getting ourselves out there and doing it!


The first year there were 43 of us, now there are thousands involved. The catch is that you have got to post a picture of you and your horse on the challenge wall by midnight to be IN.


The 2017 Challenge begins the day after January 7th 2017. Hope to see you....IN





"This challenge has literally changed my LIFE! It motivated me to ride when I normally wouldn't get out there and ride because it was too wet and cold. The first challenge I did was in 2014 and we had quite a bit of snow that year and some cold...cold days but this challenge motivated me to get out there and ride. Because of this challenge I continue to ride year round in all types of weather conditions. I love seeing everyone's progress and it gives me encourgement to see that some people have alot worse challenges than I do and they still get out there and ride. So I figure I have no excuses! I've made some great friends through this challenge and it's opened some doors for me that I never would of imagined. Thank you Emma & Kip and Beth too for this great idea for us to share what we all love." -Kathy Drake

"2015's NWF Horsemanship Challenge was the best thing I've ever stumbled upon. It was a rough winter in Colorado. Plenty of snow, ice, melting and mud cycles. I was challenged further by a horse still rehabing from surgery. We achieved way above and beyond the hours and some on the rides. The best part was, the most fun and enjoyable rides took place during the most inclement weather. Looking forward to 2016. A couple months ago, I did finally have to retire my challenge horse to light riding only. I definitely have some lofty goals as I have a new boy. So. Bring on the 2016 challenge. I have many friends to being along the journey as well. Thanks for putting these together. I know well, how time consuming it is." -Karen Watkins

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