Horsemanship is a


 I've really enjoyed participating in the annual Northwood Farms Horsemanship Challenges. This is just the motivation I need during the cold, wet, windy, dark winter months when it can be tough getting out there to ride. This challenge has been instrumental in improving my riding consistency. I went from riding once every week or two to riding 4 - 6 days a week throughout the Challenge. This has developed into a regular routine that has continued long after the Challenge has ended. Beyond that, I enjoy reading about everyone’s progress, seeing their photos and videos, and to see the encouragement and support this group provides to each other. - Mike Stewart



"I was very encouraged by the Northwood Farms Challenges. They motivated me to intentionally spend more time with my chosen horse. I truly enjoyed reading the posts and watching the video clips. The variety of locations, scenery and horse and rider partnerships is very interesting and fun. It's a positive atmosphere and that's the best!!!   -Michelle Ross Rasmussen


"This challenge has literally changed my LIFE! It motivated me to ride when I normally wouldn't get out there and ride because it was too wet and cold. The first challenge I did was in 2014 and we had quite a bit of snow that year and some cold...cold days but this challenge motivated me to get out there and ride. Because of this challenge I continue to ride year round in all types of weather conditions. I love seeing everyone's progress and it gives me encourgement to see that some people have alot worse challenges than I do and they still get out there and ride. So I figure I have no excuses! I've made some great friends through this challenge and it's opened some doors for me that I never would of imagined. Thank you Emma & Kip and Beth too for this great idea for us to share what we all love." -Kathy Drake

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