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"The community at Northwood Farms is a great motivation to get out there and spend time with my horse even when the weather is wild, it's dark and it's cold. The Horsemanship Challenge has been great every year. Sharing with fellow horselovers from all over is the best! Thank you Northwood Farms!" -Jill from Ontario


The Northwood Farms Challenges have kept me motivated to spend time with and progress with my horse. Thank you! -Fleta Sokal


I have ridden in 3 Throwdown Challenges and would like to thank Northwood Farms for taking time out of their day to motivate and encourage all the participants to get out and get on their horses.


When its cold, wet, snowy, icy and miserable outside, or life gets super busy sometimes the last thing we want to do is go spend time with out horses but these challenges have certainly given me a boost to reach the challenge goals.


I am super competitive so signing up for a challenge ensures I will do everything I can to reach that goal and I know that this time spent with my horses pays off. Reading the posts and seeing others pictures sharing creative ways to reach their goals is really supporting and hopefully some of my posts have been supporting and encouraging for others too.



"I came across the NEF's Horsemanship Challenge the winter of 2014. My newest mustang Opal and I had only been a team for 6 months at the time and we were still forging out bond and a Winter Challenge seemed like a great way to keep us going. We completed that challenge successfully.


That fall we joined in the next challenge, one which required us to do something "outside our comfort zone". I decided to interpret that as something I've never done, so I took up mounted archery and Opal loves it! We still have a long ways to go there before we compete in it, but with the community support in these challenges, we are moving forward.


Opal and I have finished 4 challenges in all now, and look forward to finishing more." -Carolyn Chamlee


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