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"When a friend invited me to participate in the challenge last Winter, I was a little apprehensive. Once I started the challenge, I could see that this was something different and special. I love the support and reading and seeing the creative ways to get through the Winter and enjoy our journey with our horses! Thank you so much for beginning a foundation of friendship and bonds that have connected us over the globe!" -Deb Snodgrass


"The Northwood Farm Horsemanship Challenge fosters a community of encouragement and growth. I have a different awareness when I am in these challenges that always ends with results. It could be I am aware of my lack of motivation, the way I ride, or the basic aspects of the relationship with my horse. Regardless....I am no longer unaware....I am living consciously."-Dana Abernathy


"The challenges this year, starting with the twelve week challenge in January has encouraged me to spend lots of time with my Morgan Ty, which I probably would not have done as it is so easy to ride my other horse. The fellow challengers have been so encouraging and supportive - what a great group of fellow equestrians!" -Janic Scandrett


"I have done 3 Northwood Farms challenges so far with my mare Castanha, and each one reaffirms the tremendous effect consistent horse time has on our relationship. Beyond that, the challenges offer a supportive community of people that is truly focused on appreciating each other for any and all strides made. The camaraderie, the super positive interaction, and even the sense of accountability motivates me to get out there with my girl, try new things, and most importantly, remember why it is I’ve had horses for 40 some years. THANK YOU Emma, Kip, and Beth!! I’m looking forward to the challenges to come!"- Leanne Haight

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